Best Local Destination You've Never Heard Of Until You Read About It Here


For me, it has to be the Coin-Op Hall of Fame and Museum, aka Pinball PA. I live 15 minutes away from it and never knew about it until Dylan made the place entry. Now, I’m there almost every other weekend.




The Petrie Museum, it was a superb little museum to visit on a rainy London day.


This is an awesome question. I think for me one of the first places I encountered on Atlas that blew my mind a little was the The Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft in… well, Iceland.

I even got the opportunity to go there a couple of years ago, and it does not disappoint.


Agreed, great question. For me, it was this:

I must have walked past that statue several hundred times on my way to work at the Empire State building before I later learned on Atlas Obscura that beneath it is interred the remains of General William Jenkins Worth. It’ a grave in the middle of Manhattan!


Wow, what a great question! I think for me it has to be the very first place I went looking for after reading about on the site. I’d lived in Chicago for about 10 years and despite having researched quite a bit of the city’s history, I had never once heard of Carol Street, which had been enveloped and devoured by urban development. Looking around for access to this subterranean passage was really my first taste of the unique and vaguely subversive pleasure that is urban exploration. It was my indoctrination to a quasi-secret second city. A second second city, if you will. It was dingy and esoteric and magical, it reminded me of why I first fell in love with Chicago, and ever since I’ve been an Atlas Obscura enthusiast.


I also thought of the first place I went to via Atlas Obscura. I was simply killing time in New Haven waiting for a friend with a car to pick me up, at the start of a weekend out of NYC, and I hit the What’s Near Me button.

After a 10 minute walk and borrowing an id from a friendly campus librarian, I found myself in this incredible shrine to early 20th century medicine.


Omg yes! The necro pants!!!


One of my faves was the John Soames museum in London. Years ago the hotel i was staying in just happened to have a small pamphlet about it in our room. So happy I picked it up to have a look. The museum is absolutely worth a visit!


YES! I’d written a handful of articles about the Necropants and when I finally got to see them, I felt complete. Also Siggi, the creator of the museum, walked us through how to banish a zombie. It was delightful.


Well, not really local, but not that far away from my parent’s home, I found this place thanks to Atlas Obscura. Neither me nor my parents knew that there was a subterranean Church that close to home. We read about the ones in Ethiopia, while one was so close.
That was a good surprise.


I guess I’d like to add that I’m ashamed to say that I never knew about “The Gardens of Bomarzo” until I read about it on a facebook wall of a friend who had posted an Atlas Obscura article on the gardens.

That was actually how I discovered the Atlas and although I still havent visited the gardens I am planning to visit in the new year and I’m very excited at the prospect of finally seeing it.


Love this weird little underground street!! I totally feels like you have descended into some secret Chicago


This is about a mile from my house growing up! I had no idea it was there until someone added to the Atlas. Such a good reminder of how close these things can be.


Amen! It’s like the city’s own unique form of steganography - a message hiding in plain sight to its inhabitants. And once having been there, you realize that you’ve probably walked past or over it a thousand times, and you wonder why you never wondered where that odd little ramp led to…


When I moved to Milan a few years ago, I checked the Atlas for some cool places in the city. It took me an embarassing amount of time to realize that the huge structure in front of the supermarket I used to visit once or twice a week was one of the few remaining bomb shelters of the city:

To be fair, the only photos accompanying the article at that time were shot before the supermarket was built and before the obelisk was cleaned up on the outside, so it looked different from the pictures…


Did you go?! I’ve always wanted to experience a quiet chamber. Didn’t have any luck finding an accessible one in NYC.


@igdaloff Yes! @Josh and I went as part of a CBS Sunday Morning segment! Atlas Obscura: A travel guide like no other - CBS News


Haven’t explored all the mentioned sites on Atlas Obscura yet, but I did notice this statue park that I didn’t realize existed at Governor’s State University south of Chicago, and a little north of Kankakee. If I’m ever this far south again, I will check this out: