Best time to visit Vietnam and Angkor Wat

Recognizing that climate varies from north to south, what is the best time of year to tour Vietnam and Angkor Wat?

I picked December because it was about the coolest time of the year.

In Cambodia, the heat was still unbelievable (to me, a delicate New Englander). At Angkor Wat my husband and I ended up hovering in whatever bits of shadow we could find. Our guide kept trying to get us to step out into the sunlight for closer looks at beautiful details. We insisted we could see just fine from where we were!

One other consideration: Angkor Wat was crowded in December. Like, Disneyland levels of crowding. If you want some breathing space, you might want to research when off- and shoulder-seasons are.

On the other hand, Vietnam was great in December, though it rained a lot. However Ha Long Bay in the mist was probably the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. Unearthly. Made me feel like we’d wandered into some fairy tale.

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Thank you for your helpful response. I’ve been considering the November to February timeframe, including the possibility of being there during the Tet holiday. Apparently, there are pros and cons of visiting then. Anybody have an opinion about that?

I visited HCMC during Tet and many places were closed for the week leading up to the holiday and the week after. It was amazing to see all the beautiful decorations and experience the culture during a key holiday, but you’ll miss out on certain activities/visiting certain places because they’ll be closed. On the other hand, this theme park was open and was incredibly empty, so we could explore it without any lines or crowds. HCMC was warm, but it wasn’t as hot as Phú Quốc.

I also went to Angkor Wat on the same trip (still in February) early in the morning, and it wasn’t too crowded. The smaller temples were actually more crowded since they have less space. The heat was intense, though, so dress accordingly!

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We were there in late May/June, and while it was very hot and humid, we didn’t have to wait for hours in lines at Angkor Wat, or the Cu Chi tunnels outside Saigon (HCM CITY). The trick for me was just getting my head right; I knew and prepared myself to be hot as part of the experience, and sort of took it off the table as a consideration. Just accept it, challenge yourself to never ever complain about it, and you can enjoy the few days when it’s not 100 degrees and really humid. I suggest seeing Sapa in the mountains. It’s beautiful and easily 15 degrees cooler.

February is the best time to discover Angkor Wat ?

Siem Reap in February is hot. Thankfully we had plenty of drinking water courtesy of our tuktuk driver. Also bring a sarong or something to cover up the shoulders and the knees when going to Angkor Wat (or is this only for the main tower?)

We went in early September. It was hot and humid but not raining.

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Monsoons typically peter out by Mid-October, with cooler and drier weather from then through February in Vietnam. June is a pleasant “saddle” season month, with fewer travelers and cooler after the high heat of April and May though with some rainfall. Land-locked Siem Reap and the temple complex are typically hot and humid, year-round.

Like China’s Golden Week, millions of Vietnamese now travel during Tet–not the best time to avoid crowds.

Patrick Morris

The best travel time is from March to April/ May.
You should consider flying into VN and out of Cambodia (North to South of VN and then get into Cambodia to avoid Tet holiday starting on January 24th 25th…).
HCMC, Chau Doc or Ha Tien to Cambodia.

The best time to visit vietnam is basically in the month of october when one can enjoy the festivals which are being celebrated also the weather is also suitable to travel.There are many beautiful places to visit in vietnam like hoi an,ninh binh,hoi an,hanoi,ho chi minh as these places are the perfect blend of history & modernisation.The southern most part which is phan theit,mui ne is considered as the one of the most favourite spot among the tourists.The beach resorts in the southern part of the country which is phan theit, mui ne is very popular among the tourists.There one can find many beautiful beach resorts which provides top class hospitality.

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It really depends on where you would like to visit in Vietnam. Here is our suggestion about weather in different places in Vietnam as weather is not the same everywhere!

We visited Vietnam and Cambodia in February 2018, and the weather was generally good. There was some late afternoon rain while we were in Siem Reap, and the heat/humidity was somewhat oppressive while visiting the Angkor Temples. Drink lots of water. Mekong Delta was humid but OK compared to the Anghor Temples. Weather in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) was partly cloudy, relatively hot and less humid. Hope this helps.

Has anyone traveled to Vietnam in November? how was the weather? We are looking to go for our honeymoon.

My wife and I were there Nov 25-Dec 14, 2019, touring from north to south. Temps got warmer as we worked south, but very bearable. Only significant rain was in Hue. We would go there again during that time period.

|Best time to visit Vietnam:
|March – May: Northern region is the best. Place to coming: Sapa, Hanoi, Halong Bay
|February – May: recommend Central coast with Hue, Hoi An, Danang
|December – March: you should go to Southern region and explore Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong River

In my opinion, March to April/ May is the best travel time.