Best way to post a Wilderness Coordinate location

I recently submitted my first place, which is a wilderness location without a city address. I’ve seen a nearby place which uses GPS coordinates as its location, which I based my entry on. I notice that it has two locations listed – one of the nearest town (icon of an arrow), and another with the exact coordinates (icon of a compass).

However, when I copied the coordinates from Google Maps into the location for my place, the map has defaulted to Purdue University. Has this happened to anyone else?

My location is still in review by the editors, so I’ll follow up specifically with them, but this feels like a general issue that might happen to others so I’m interested in what you have seen. How do I get both types of location data recorded for my place? Many thanks!


In my experience, this is a glitch with the system–it seems to assume street addresses for places. The way I’ve gotten around it is to re-open the place for editing. For whatever reason, you can then go to the location box and actually expand it as a map. There is a pin marking the (bogus) location; drag it to wherever you want.

Of course, you should be able to do this to start with–

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Hmm. I think I assumed the map would automatically show the location I entered. Maybe I just didn’t set the map manually as you said.

Hi @gscoulson, thanks for the note and sorry for the issues! Getting those geocoordinates right can be a little tricky, especially when they’re not associated with a street address, but our Places team reviews and corrects any issues with longitude and latitude before publishing. So many thanks for the heads up—I know the team will resolve the problem shortly.

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Manual map-setting is the way to go. I always save my entries as drafts before submission, which gives me a chance to see if my place has been relocated to Null Island in the Gulf of Guinea. I add a lot of wilderness sites, so I usually have to drag the marker to the correct location.


Null Island :joy:

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Ah, is that what inspired your Null Island entry? I enjoyed that one a lot.

Have been trying to think of what other places would fit well on a list with Null Island and Point Nemo (

It actually is! I was hoping that I could just leave the location blank and it would leave it exactly at 0,0. But when I saved it as a draft and reopened it, it demanded a location. I had to drop the pin in Ghana and drag it back to roughly where it was supposed to be. I saw the editors corrected the coordinates after the fact.
Poles of inaccessibility might be good to add to such a list. They’re the points furthest from the sea, so it kind of fits with the coordinates theme.

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Love that! Might throw the Tropic of Capricorn Crossing and the Real Greenwich Prime Meridian into the mix as well.