Blue Lagoon




This is one of those amazing, rare spots that is both touristy and totally essential. If you can, get there early to catch the sun rising over the volcanic rocks surrounding the lagoon. This place is like something out of a fantasy novel.


Agreed. I loved this place. And you can put mud on your face!!


If you’re driving the Golden Circle and want a non-touristy spot, try the Secret Lagoon. No bar, no restaurant, real Icelandic people.


We drove the whole Ring Road last summer but our first stop at the Fontana spas in Laugarvatn was our favorite. Its worth spending a whole day. 4 nice pools, saunas, a steam bath that sits over the thermal vents and an chilly lake to cool off in. They have a short tour where they show you how Lava Bread is made there and you get to eat the rye bread that is warm and sweet with lots fresh butter. Their lunch buffet had an assortment of fish, meat, soup and salads. Their specialty is the local trout. Fontana is a little more, 3800 ISK ($32) and the Secret Lagoon is 3000 ISK ($25).


I tried that lava bread! It was surprisingly sweet, and I loved it!


Oh, yes! Worth a stop in for sure. The opaque turquoise/blue water is simply stunning… and the place itself is otherworldly!

If you feel like pampering yourself, you can also stay in their hotel, which has an amazing view of the water and moss-covered volcanic rocks. Memorable! (And, the food served at Moss, the on-site restaurant, is delicious!)

Here’s a photo I took just this year: