Bodie State Historical Park


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My family and I went to Bodie when I was a teenager. Everything they say about being careful when you’re coming in is true - we had to abandon our vehicle and walk a couple miles in because part of the road had washed out. But it’s sort of an amazing place. You can look in windows in some of the houses and see where folks must literally have left town after dinner without taking their silverware and the like.

Another great travelogue of the town.

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Park reuses:
TV & Movie shooting.
Re enactors??
Section off town to retain museum area of bldgs standing.
Improve signage from hwy, road to Bodie, all directions.
Add outside town these:
Celphone tower array
Radio tower.
Energy storage Area.
Airfield? No control tower.
B&B Inn near town?
Problem: labor for town for tourism