Boechoute House, Bruges, Belgium

Here is a post I created about a very interesting house in Bruges, Belgium.

Do you think it has its place on AtlasObscura?
Is there any more information you would like to read?

Best Regards,
Enzo Rhode-Hagen

Hi Enzo,

Thanks for the submission! I’ve looked at this one as well and it seems that it, too, has some text that has been pulled from an outside source. If you’d like to revise/update the description in your own words, that would be a huge help in speeding along the publishing process.

Feel free to get directly in touch with the Places team at if you’d like to discuss your submissions in more depth or have any questions!

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Thanks a lot for you quick feedback, this is appreciated.
I have just udated the text with my own.
I hope it will get reviewed and that I will get updates.
Thanks again!


I’ve seen this has now been published on the site, and I just want to thank the person(s) who worked on the writing/editing.
They did an amazing job in converting my crappy text (I realized even more how poor it was when reading the new one) in an interesting and attractive read.
Thanks and Bravo!