Boiled Green Peanuts

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Upon recommendation from locals I purchased these from a convenience store. (They are available at just about any gas station you come across in the South.)

It was interesting to chew through the shell and the nut, and I enjoyed the cajun flavor, but I did not find the boiled peanuts to offer much more than just shelling them as I eat them.

It is a lot like eating edamame, the peanuts tend to soak up the flavor of what you boil them in.
(I’ve lived within five miles of peanut boilers all my life, I still don’t like them.)

Boiled peanuts are loathsome. I had a Mississippi boyfriend who used to say that boiled peanuts were the only thing you could eat that when you got up from your chair, there they were… Back in the 1970s, Mississippi high schools used to celebrate graduation by having a peanut boiling, God knows why. I don’t know if they still do (I hope not!).

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I love Boiled Peanuts. I live in Alabama, but I loved them even before that. BUT–watch out for gas station boiled peanuts, they mostly buy them frozen, ready to pop into a crock pot and keep them hot, BUT the frozen ones usually have a lot of MSG !!!
For that reason (I get bad headaches from MSG) we either buy them on the side of the road or cook them ourselves.
A home trick is to crack the shell slightly before boiling them and the insides cook a lot faster. Sometimes I do each shell by hand as I add them to the crock pot or big pot on the stove, and sometimes when they are still dry and hard, I just put a brick or something on top and hammer on it a bit. Pressure cookers are another trick.
It is true that Boiled Peanuts don’t keep a long time in the fridge but they freeze very well. Season the cooking water with “Tony’s” or some good Cajun seasoning and be sure to buy the 'Jumbo" peanuts. It is surprising how much salt you must add to make sure some salt penetrates the shells.
Make sure that you wash them well if you buy a big ole sack of peanuts direct from the field.
Roadside stands now-a-days usually use a small propane burner. Most fruit stands in Dixie also sell boiled peanuts. But sometimes it is just a pick-up truck and a cook-pot. Because they have to cook a long time, do not expect then to be dirt cheap on the side of the road anymore. You always want to get your peanuts in a plastic bag and also get a dry paper sack to put the shells in.

Boiled peanuts are also enjoyed in other countries. In Southern California, you can find them at an Asian supermarket, banh mi shop, or tofu factory.

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They’re fairly common in Mexico, I saw lots of them on the Northern Sierra region of Puebla state. They’re normally just boiled in (very) salty water, and the shells are discarded. I’m not sure they’re boiled green, however.

Lots of Indigenous salespeople who speak Spanish as a second language will carry plastic buckets full of them and sell them door to door. The standard measure is a “sardina”, measured with an emptied tin of sardines.

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This is a common seasonal sight in South Africa,
near Taxi Ranks ( Commuter hubs) in Cities and Townships

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Cool to see how international this is being from Virginia boiled and baked peanuts are literally everywhere. Thanks for sharing

Someone else used the word “loathsome”. Yes, they are truly awful.

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