Bom Jesus do Monte

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A site worth visiting not only for the marvelous church and starway, but also for nice city view, the huge park a few yards nearby, where you can enjoy a small lake rowing, a soft drink, an ice cream before you proceed downhill by a funicular. Be warned however that the site is located high in a mountain, so if you intend to walk uphill be prepared. Many tourists do it.

It’s incredible! From a specific point at the bottom of the stairs, when you look up, their outline form a chalice. It’s a place with many interesting details allusive to religion. The stairs are divided in 3 stages, and in each stage there are various meanings. Its history is truly interesting. I went on this excursion and the guide was really helpful, she knew everything about the sanctuary and Braga. I guess it’s a requirement when you repeat that information every week :sweat_smile: