Books about New Orleans?

Inspired by @lukert33 and @Rose_Annis 's threads on books revolving around places, I’d like to solicit some reading recommendations for New Orleans. New Orleans has such a rich history and culture that I’d love to learn more about. I’ll start things off with a recommendation for one of the funniest books I’ve read, which just so happens to take place in this great city:


Ahhh! I came here to post this book! Probably the funniest I’ve ever read. I cried with laughter on a public bus reading the pants factory scene and had to physically put it down.


Well now I can’t wait to read A Confederacy of Dunces!

While not technically a book, I have a podcast series to throw into the mix - NPR’s “TriPod: New Orleans at 300” seems to be an unrivaled resource of local insight and history, and I found it to be invaluable when I was preparing a trip to the city.


I agree. Terrific book!

I love New Orleans and I’ve been many times! One of my favorite books, written by my favorite author, is Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins.

Hove’ Parfumeur Ltd, at 434 Chartres St. in New Orleans is the perfume shop that inspired Tom Robbins when he describes the shop in the book.

Years ago we visited Hove’ and we were shown a letter from Tom Robbins. After getting an unexpected “private tour” of the little shop, we were given a small tin of the scent they created as a result of the book.

Jitterbug Perfume is one of those books that you either love, or you don’t get it at all and you put it down… if you find yourself in the “put it down” category, just let it live on a shelf for a while and try picking it up again after a few months, or a few years! I’ve learned that Tom Robbins books have to hit you at the right time in your life! This applies to almost all of his books.

Another Roadside Attraction is one of his books that I love too. It doesn’t have anything to do with New Orleans except referencing a couple of the characters from Jitterbug Perfume., but it is incredible.


Oh yeah, I really enjoyed Confederacy of Dunces too!! There is a statue of Ignatius C. Riley at the Hyatt French Quarter… on the Canal Street entrance.

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I’m reading a non-fiction book about Storyville called Spectacular Wickedness that is really interesting.


My first thought too when I saw the title of this post.

Nine Lives by Dan Baum is absolute magic for falling in love with the people of New Orleans before going.

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