Boothill Graveyard

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Driving me crazy that the main image for Boothill Graveyard in Tombstone, AZ is actually the old Tombstone Cemetery-- these are two different places. The former is the famous, old, cemetery on the hill where the Clantons and McLaury’s are buried as well as the fellas who were hung and lynch-Mobbed as a direct result of the Bisbee Massacre… etc, etc. The latter is where C.S. Fly is buried and it’s still used as a cemetery… (They have a couple in-use now, but this is the older of the two.)

Also, last I checked, there was no admission-- it’s $3 for an informational booklet, but admission is typically free. They make their money on souvenirs. Unless, of course, that’s changed in the last two-years…

Also, interesting tid-bit-- the lesser-known Earp-- Warren Baxter Earp-- is buried in the Old Willcox Cemetery. Poor guy tried to be like Wyatt, but was a jerk who brought a knife to a gun fight after he bullied the fella who shot him.

Hi @jadewik! Thanks for the detailed notes. We’ve gone in and adjusted the page to make it more clear. We really appreciate you reaching out with the corrections and let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.