Boston Athenaeum Skin Book

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This book is not initially easy to see. You need to go to the Athenaeum website and ask to see it, as it is in a special collection and not open to the public. After inquiring, you will be sent a series of questions about why you want to see it and who you are. After completing the inquiry, it will take a few days to get a response, so plan ahead if you have limited time in Boston.
You will then be give a date and allotted time to view the book. When I arrived all the staff knew who I was, because it is rare that the book gets visitors. You will be placed in a secure room, given gloves, unfortunately you can’t actually hold the book, there is an attendant. But you can take pictures. What you can touch and read is a transcription of the book. Which is a fascinating read. Also the transcripts are available as a PDF on their website to read at your leisure.