Boston Avenue Methodist Church

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Behemoth is right!
Typical churchy overkill.
This, and many other religious edifices, could be scaled way down and STILL retain their interest.

Random, personal anecdote: I was perusing Tulsa on AO a while back and saw this church and thought “oh, neat, an Art Deco church! … wait, why does that name sound familiar” and dug up a copy of the invite to my parents’ wedding, courtesy of Grandma, only to confirm, yep, that’s why that name sounded familiar.

Proceed to my mother receiving faux outraged text messages from me about never knowing the architectural significance of the church in which my parents wed. Their wedding album is all pictures of the ceremony inside and the off-site reception. How they managed to pull off getting this church was my parents shortened their engagement from 2 years to 6 weeks, so my Mimi called around to all the churches in the Tulsa area and this Art Deco wonder was the only church available on an early August afternoon in the mid-1980’s.

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This is a terrific story, thank you for sharing!

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