Boston Cooler

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One small quibble–I’m from Detroit and we don’t call it “soda”. It’s pop. Vernors on the other hand is just Vernors.

Hi! Thanks for your note. That’s a fair point about calling it “pop” in Detroit. We just included a note about that in the piece.


Don’t recall ever seeing this in my 2 years in Detroit. Growing up in Pittsburgh however, a Boston Cooler was a slice of cantaloupe served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

When it’s in season around the holidays, try a boston cooler made with eggnog ice cream! (I get it from a local brand in Ohio, but some national grocery store brands make it as well.)
At family Christmas gatherings when I was a kid, the adults would have their boozy eggnog drinks, and we would have ours mixed with Vernors. The ice cream version is even better!

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Born and raised in Detroit. Correction. The Boston Cooler got its name because it was a specialty made at a pharmacy/parlor that was located at the corner of “Woodward Ave. & Boston St.”. The ginger ale was made accidentally after it was mistakenly left in an oak barrel for two years; while the person who made it left to serve in the military. Many people from Detroit like to say that either Stro’s or Sander’s is the acceptable authenticated brands of ice cream.

Vernors mixed with an equal amount of chocolate milk is life giving on a hot day.