Boulder Island

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The island looks like the Similans or a bit like the inner Seychelles. It is a small granite island and every beach or the viewpoints can be reached via jungle trails in 20 to 30 minutes. It is 60 meters high. There are 6 beautiful beaches with white sand and great snorkelling. There are eagles and I heard many other birds. At the beginning of the trails there is a small freshwater lake and a few times I saw big monitor lizards there (2 meters long).

Staying there is being very close to nature so the bungalows and the common area are basic. Now it is much easier to get a visa in Myanmar and access to the Mergui Archipelago. I did a land border crossing from Thailand. They also try to have marine biologist interns all the time on the island who do research on the coral reefs in the bays.

More than 10 divesites along the island’s coastline are formed by massive granite boulders. Topography was very interesting with tunnels, swim throughs and a even a wall. The sandy bottom was reached between 18 and 27 meters depending on the divesite. Hard coral reefs are very healthy and there are also soft corals and seafans on spots exposed to currents. Marine is life is very diverse with all kinds of nudis, flatworms, porcelane crabs, mantis shrimp, lobster, scorpion & lion fish, pipefish, sea cucumbers, morray eels and lots of colorful reef fish. While snorkelling I saw baby blacktips, eagle rays and baracudas in the bays.

Boulder Rock is just 15 minutes away by slow boat and an incredible divesite going down to more than 30 meters. Topography, coral, big fish and in general better visibility. This time I saw two eagle rays and a ribbon eel (amongst a lot of other stuff).
The other highlight is Pink Canyon, a limestock rock 30 minutes east of Boulder Island. With its seafans and various soft corals it is the most colorful divesite. Also its topography is very spectacular with a canyon and a pinnacle. Very diverse marine life and I am sure special stuff like frog fish and ghost pipe fish can be found.

Here is a short video of one of the marine biologists. YouTube

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