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I’ve found gjetost in multiple good grocery stores and cheese shops in the SF Bay Area. I find it to be not-great cold or at room temperature – when it’s too solid it has kind of a waxy texture – but delicious once it’s even a bit above room temp. I’d recommend making toast in a toaster oven, then sticking slices on the toast and shoving it back in the toaster for a few minutes to let the residual heat warm it. It’s also delicious as part of the filling for a stuffed winter squash (like acorn squash).


Love this stuff!!
I’ve been known to spread slices with apple butter.
I get it at Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield, OH, the best 6.5 acre grocery store in the USA.

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My grandfather was born in Norway, and I grew up in California with Gjetost. He would buy it via mail from a shop in Minnesota. We would slice it thin and eat it out of hand with fresh fruit…usually an apple or fresh peach. When I went on a Hurtigruten cruise in 2015 I was thrilled to see big blocks of brown cheese in the cheese section of their buffet breakfasts and lunches. As above, the best way to eat it for breakfast is to toast some good hearty brown bread, then put the Gjetost on top and put it through the toaster again (at home, use the broil setting on a toaster oven). I find it fairly often at gourmet cheese shops around Southern California, but it is expensive. I wish that Gastrobscura had shown more about how it is made in the article…it is fascinating. It was featured on an episode of “New Scandinavian Cooking” on PBS a couple of years ago. Here is one from Viking Cruises: YouTube

I’m also a big fan of gjetost. If you want to know more about it, check out the North Wild Kitchen blog. It’s written by an American transplanted to Norway and she mentions gjetost (or brunost) a lot. See here for how to make it:
By the way, when I lived in Long Beach in the early 80’s I used to get my nordic food fix at a Scandinavian deli in San Pedro. (Probably not there now).