Buckle Island

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I am hoping to visit this island on my New England/Quebec roadtrip, which would hopefully be in October. Does anyone have tips for accessing this island? My plan was to take the ferry from Bass Harbor to Swans Island, drive to the closest access point, and use a paddleboard to cross the ~1500 foot gap between Swans and Buckle. Obviously, I wouldn’t be standing on the board.

Could this strategy work? Are the ocean waters safe for light watercraft? Would it be safer to plan to go at low tide? These are the types of questions that cross my mind for such a venture.

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Update: I visited last Wednesday, using the ferry and a paddleboard to reach the island. I wouldn’t recommend this method of access unless you are physically fit, used to navigating rough waters, and check the weather. I found that the crossing was tougher in the late morning than in the early morning, mostly due to the current nudging me to the north. I think this is a result of tidal forces, but cannot say for sure.

Sadly, I found the island nearly devoid of art. The green door pictured in the article, I found, was lying on its side in a dilapidated shed. There was a trail on the island that I traversed barefoot. Apart from a couple of makeshift bridges, there was no evidence along this trail of the fairy gardens.

Apart from this trail and the shed, I found a mailbox with a guest register (confirming that access is indeed permitted) and a little area of benches overlooking the sea. The best access point onto the island is the southeastern beach, where you’ll find the picnic area and shed. The best place to launch light watercraft is at the end of Killam Road on Swans Island, though I must emphasize once again that a hardier craft is preferable.