Bunker Hill Monument

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The Battle of Bunker Hill took place during the Siege of Boston, and as such, it might best be understood as a correction of an oversight by both sides. The oversight was that neither side had made an effort to occupy Charlestown peninsula and the strategic position of Bunker Hill which would have been the ideal place to cover Charlestown Neck, and from which, after the battle, the British were able to easily put other fortified locations of the Rebel line under fire. The decision to fortify Breed’s Hill with a redoubt was made against orders which called only for entrenching on Bunker Hill. So the battle that occurred on Charlestown peninsula was ultimately for the control of Bunker Hill.

"June 16th, Friday. This morning I went on guard. In the
evening a party were ordered to Bunker’s Hill in Charlestown to
entrenching. . . .

[Battle occured on June 17th]

June 18th, Sunday. . . . The enemy kept a continual firing upon us at Prospect Hill, which we are fortifying. . . .

June 19th, Monday. The daylight comes on with the noise of
cannon from Bunker’s Hill and floating batteries discharging at us
on Prospect Hill, which continues all day."

From Caleb Haskell’s diary - Fifer in Captain Ezra Lunt’s Company, Colonel Moses Little’s 24th Massachusetts Regiment (Newburyport Militia)

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