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We should start a go fund me page to secure their future survival!


The installation cost $221,000 and some chucklehead councilperson wants to blow it up?!? Are the bunnies doing something bad? Is the councilperson a bunny hater? Sad.


I saw a bunny gathering like this, late one summer night, while gazing out the window at my grandparents’ farm. The bunnies gathered on the outer edge of the circle of light cast by a streetlight that my grandfather had installed in their large yard. I watched for quite a while, then they slowly dispersed. It’s one of my most magical memories.


why on earth would they blow it up if they have already paid for it? that is crazy. and maybe Newport Beach needs a new project if that is what City Council members are getting “enraged” about and have time creating vandalism videos.

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That’s kind of amazing.

This “controversy” reminds me of similar story concerning the infamous Blue Mustang aka “blucifer” at Denver International Airport. Several Colorado locals were outraged by the bold mustang statue that was put outside the perimeters of DIA, they claimed that the horse was menacing looking and a poor representation of Colorado. However, the negative feedback more than likely resulted from the unfortunate demise of the artist (Luis Jimenez) during a freak accident involving the sculpture. As a Colorado native I admire and appreciate the statue, the artist literally died for his work so in the very least the statue should continue to greet visitors at DIA in respect to the artist and his family.


I looooove Blucifer!! Especially photos of him showing his red eyes lit up with an orange sunrise behind him.


Yes! When Blucifer’s eyes are lit up he looks absolutely magnificent.

It would be dastardly to remove or otherwise harm those beauteous bunnies, in my considered opinion. However, change is, as the philosopher once put it, the only thing in human experience that doesn’t change. That said, should they eventually act to evict Buggs and his family, one might be tempted to say ‘Hare today, gone tomorrow…’

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I am an artist. As a citizen, I cannot justify the expense of enlarged hallmark gift shop kitsch bunnies when the dollars spent for each one could fix almost 400 potholes. That’s well over 5,000 potholes that could have been fixed. One bunny would have been curious and interesting. But a Stonehenge’s worth is silliness at a Disneyland level. Bet the artist is somehow related to someone on the city council. There are worthier public art proposals that got passed over for this one.

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As an artist I am stunned that there is no credit for this piece! No mention of WHO made the piece!
I am a fan of Atlas Obscure—I love this piece and the fact that you are covering it—but PLEASE have the professional courtesy to give credit!
The internet is already bulging with stolen/uncredited images—don’t add to the chaos.

Building at that site did not start until the mid 80’s. Before that, most of the area was just beginning to build up. The Newport Beach Country Club was among the first areas to be developed. It was common practice for people to drop off rabbits in the area. I work for a major appliance mgf. From 1972-1988 and watch Newport, Irvine and all parts of Orange County build up from its beginnings.

Yet another reason to own a Beagle.

I would love to have a bunny henge in my yard…send them my way.

This reminds me of a former shopping center in Atlanta. Its courtyard was decorated with golden frogs that were all oriented to face a giant matrix of TV screens.