"Burying the Dead in Taipei’s Public Parks" Discussion Thread

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Wow, wonder if there is anything of this nature [pun intended] in the US? Especially the biodegradable urn? What an awesome idea and the knowledge that some Taiwanese are willing to let go of a piece of their culture that is thousands of years old is unbelievable and courageous.

Very interesting article. Thank you.

Just a note regarding “internment”. The word means, basically, imprisonment. The author wants “interment”, meaning burial (think French, perhaps? /en terre/ in the ground…)

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@askirsch Thanks a bunch for catching this, truly appreciated. The article has been updated. Thanks again!!!

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I’d visit just for the history alone. This is fascinating. And personally, I wouldn’t think that this takes away from Chinese funerary practices, as the male driver said. I think it’s possible to have both and keep/remember traditions. But hey, I could be incorrect and wrong…