Busy Beaver Button Co.

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Dang it! I SO wanted to like this place. I mean, we rode public transport over an hour to get there.

But - meh.

The biggest turn-off was the STAFF. They were so busy being hipsters that they couldn’t be FRIENDLY to guests. When we came in, a woman very quickly and with no enthusiasm or intonation said something like, “Hey. Yeah. Welcome. Here’s the buttons. If ya wanna buy somthin’, here’s the ‘gift shop’.”

Ahhhh. Ooookkkk. So the place is in a cool location - great old building. But the museum is just bulletin boards of buttons. And not, like, zillions of buttons.

I mean, it’s cool and all. I like buttons and I love quirky. But I also like a smile or a genuine “HELLO, we are glad you took time out of your day of vacation to stop in,”. Most of the staff did not seem busy - just sitting at desks. I asked about the making of the buttons and was shown a machine but it was not in use (it was manual) - I wish they would have shown me and made an actual button.

I guess my point is - not worth an hour on public transport. And this from a woman who drove longer than that to see the world’s largest ball of paint, which ROCKED.