Byrd Theatre

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This is such a charming place. You are instantly transported back in time. On Saturday nights an organ rises out of the floor and the organist plays wonderful, patriotic, music for about 10 minutes. By the end of the evening you feel as if you have been out on a special movie date in the 1930s. I rarely get popcorn at the movies, but always do at the Byrd–because going to the Byrd is just special. The amazing thing about this theater is that it’s all REAL–just like it was nearly 100 years ago. Although I have been there many times, the sense of awe never fades. If you are in Richmond, fit it into your schedule. It will be one of the highlights of your trip.

I grew up near the Byrd in the 60s and would ride my bike there on Saturday mornings for cartoons and westerns. The Byrd is also currently home for a French Film Festival, Pocohantas Reframed Native America Film Festival, and others. It’s a gem. There’s nothing like sitting under it’s large chandelier and watching The Phantom of the Opera!

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I two grew up around this theatre, a Richmond institution!