Cabazon Dinosaurs

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I’ve visited the dinosaurs a few times in the past few years. I love that “You can still climb through the T-Rex’s mouth Pee Wee Herman-style,” as the article suggests, although I’m disappointed that the gift shop has no Pee-Wee tchotchkes for sale.

The article also mentions “After [the founder’s] death, the property was sold to a local land developer who … spread the message of creationism and transformed the dinosaurs ‘from tourist stop to place of worship.’” I don’t know when that was written, but there is absolutely no sign of creationism at the attraction today. If this happened, it’s gone now.

Huell Howser, (1935-2013), long-time host of KCET’s “California Gold” series for California PBS stations, highlighting the natural and unnatural wonders of this great state, said it best: “If there was ever a California roadside attraction, this is it…the dinosaurs.”