Cafebreria El Pendulo

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Tried to expand on the article to change its stub status but it unfortunately includes information on different locations of a single bookstore chain with common elements. The pictures and Google Maps coordinates are from the location on Polanco but the address that was mentioned on “know before you go” is for the Zona Rosa one. Additionally, the recently-opened San Angel location could rival all others in architecture.

Regardless, I made some edits encompassing all 7 locations of the chain throughout CDMX. If it is decided to focus on a single location, I would suggest to clarify which.


This library belongs to a chain that works under the same concept. I’m not sure if it’s really essential in Mexico City to visit …

I have not gone to San Angel’s one but I have to see it for myself. It seems much more surprising than the others.

I also believe that this site is missing information.

I used to love the Colonia Roma and Condesa branches to go to read or to drink coffee with friends , they in my opinion were the most picturesque stores. They beat the Gandhi and Sótano stores hands down.

But in terms of selection of books , the Perisur and Santa Fe branches always had the best pickings. In my teens and early 20’s I discovered some real treasures , fine authors like Jorge Luis Borges , Juan Rulfo , Haruki Murakami , Ernesto Sabato and Ernst Junger there.

But then there are also the old second hand bookshops in the Zocalo , in calle Donceles, which were a haunt of mine. “El laberinto” , “Libereria Metamorfosis” and “El Tomo suelto” were always best. For $ 50 pesos you could come out with a couple of decent books to devour over the next weeks. Fond memories of these.