Calvert 22

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Hi all,

I’ve been at the gallery today and it seems to have shut down. The windows are covered and they are apparently selling off the office furniture. According to the website the last exhibit/event was in January 2019, but I couldn’t find any official info on permanent closure or when it might reopen. Does anyone have additional info?

The gallery itself is marked on Google as ‘permanently closed,’ although the Calvert 22 Journal appears to be active and based at Somerset House.

Yes, I saw the note on Google Maps, but I’m not sure where that information comes from (aside from maybe someone else also standing in front of closed doors) as I couldn’t find anything official with regards to a permanent closure. The gallery at least still has the signage intact. The location at Somerset House only appears to be the head office for the editors, so I wonder if it’s worth updating the AO entry to reflect that the gallery space seems to be inactive (for now at least).

Thank you for posting the updates! The location at least does appear to be closed, so I’ve marked it as closed. Thanks again for helping us keep the Atlas accurate and up-to-date!

On google it is showing permanently closed.