Can we get the data into Google Earth?

I do all my trip planning on the old Google Earth client and it would be great if there was an Atlas Obscura layer. I could build it as all the data I need is on the site but it would be awfully manual to do so. Is the location and content available through an API at all?
(Lat Long, Title and Page URL would be perfect)




That’s an awesome idea. I’m far from a programmer but I’d love to see how that played out. I hadn’t thought about looking at the atlas on the site and put together that it’s likely dynamic rather than a giant, flat image file with embedded links.

AO could write a simple tool to allow the places we saved to be exported KML File.

AO, is there any interest in doing this?

This would be great!

Hey @wykah. Your request is a good one, and it’s definitely something we’ve considered. Unfortunately, we haven’t found the right approach to it yet. In the meantime, one of our community members created this Google Map awhile back with most of our places in it. Note that it’s not up to date with our latest place entries, nor does it include foods.

Please keep letting us know how we can improve our site! And thanks!


I’ve gotta say “Thats pretty neat!” or at least it would be if we did it.

I was hoping to export the data as well for use in ArcGIS software. The ability to export a shapefile would allow me plan road trips, collaboration with others while planning trips and share web maps with travel companions.

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I know that its not ideal, but I usually just do this manually. But it would be great if AO made this possible

Came here looking for this as well.

I also corresponded with the editors about this a while back. What I would like to be able to do is export any map’s data as a KML. This would include the maps on individual site pages, and maps of lists. Thanks!