Cancun drink and food



Hello !! I travel to Cancun in early March and want to try Pox is there anyone who knows any bar that has it? or someone who knows other local drinks like Tepache. Or restaurants with local dishes.


Firstly , are you vegetarian ? because a lot of Yucateco cuisine is pretty carnivorous , lots of pork , beef , chicken , even Iguana.

If you are feeling adventurous then I definitely reccomend trying Tacos de Lengua (Cow tongue tacos). Having said that I recognise that its ultimately a bit offputting for most people to try.

Then there is Cochinita Pibil which I would say is definitely worth trying as its a Yucateco speciality and famed throughout Mexico and Panuchos , Papadzules and salbutes. All of these have their origins in Mayan cuisine and have evolved in terms of ingredients with the Spanish colonization/ postcolonial influences.

I think the best thing is to always steer clear of the touristy areas and tourist menus , for real authentic style yucateco ( the same is true for any regional cuisine anywhere in Mexico) cuisine head to the “cocinas economicas” where food will not only be cheaper but it just tastes way better too.

I cant help you with any first hand reccomendions in regards to any bars that sell pox as I have only tried that drink in Chiapas , but I looked briefly online and there is apparently a place in Merida called “Posheria” which sells it. I’ll post the link below.


Thank you so mutch for the answer


No problem tobias , enjoy your trip