Carolina House with a Natural Cavern underneath

Hi! I’m trying to find a tourist spot I visited when I was a kid, so please bear with me! We were on a vacation to Myrtle Beach around 1985, and somewhere along the trip from West Virgina, we went to a house that had a natural cavern in the basement. You entered the house, went underneath and the owners gave tours of it. There is a rock formation in the floor that they called the Giant’s Face and a natural stream that runs through one side. This wasn’t built into the side of a mountain, it just looked like a regular house turned gift shop. I expect it was somewhere near Myrtle, but a bit more of a rural area.

Any thoughts would be helpful!


I love this mystery!

Sounds like it might of been in Virginia. There is Linville Caverns in Linville NC. Trace the route you took from WV then look for commercial caves.

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I was hoping someone had solved your mystery! It’s got me googling like crazy…

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