Carolina House with a Natural Cavern underneath

Hi! I’m trying to find a tourist spot I visited when I was a kid, so please bear with me! We were on a vacation to Myrtle Beach around 1985, and somewhere along the trip from West Virgina, we went to a house that had a natural cavern in the basement. You entered the house, went underneath and the owners gave tours of it. There is a rock formation in the floor that they called the Giant’s Face and a natural stream that runs through one side. This wasn’t built into the side of a mountain, it just looked like a regular house turned gift shop. I expect it was somewhere near Myrtle, but a bit more of a rural area.

Any thoughts would be helpful!


I love this mystery!

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Sounds like it might of been in Virginia. There is Linville Caverns in Linville NC. Trace the route you took from WV then look for commercial caves.

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I was hoping someone had solved your mystery! It’s got me googling like crazy…

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It sounds like a place that I visited a few years ago - but it’s in Pennsylvania. Would be on your path as you wound your way south, so maybe you just weren’t as far south as you thought. It’s called Falling Waters and it’s a Frank Lloyd Wright property. Absolutely gorgeous and, if it’s not the place you remember, you won’t be disappointed with this extra stop. Good luck!


Perhaps this is what you’re looking for? It’s in W. Virginia.

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Please advise where in West Virginia you started this trip. Your friends here are still looking!

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Y’all are wonderful! I haven’t recognized any of the pics of the locations posted so far. Another bit of memory is that the cave itself was about the size of the inside of a house, I don’t recall there being tunnels as part of the tour. Our starting point for the drive was Wheeling, WV. Thank you all so much!

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OP definitely isn’t talking about Falling Water, but it is a spectacular sight. It’s managed by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and if you can catch one the In Depth Tour is worth the extra admission price. You’ll see a ton of the house that’s not on the standard tour.

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I just stumbled across Crystal Grottoes Caverns in Maryland. They say that you used to have to enter through the kitchen in the house. Figured I’d mention it just in case you got your childhood trips mixed up. Slim chance but worth a shot.

Happy Touring!

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Could it be Korner’s Folly in Kernersville NC? I haven’t been under the house, but I think they used to give tours of underground passages below, which the original builder used for making cool air come into the house in summer. I’ve only visited in winter when the openings to the passages were closed. I don’t know what they look like, but they sounded like caves when the guide described them.

Hey! Did you ever find the place?? So curious… Sounds really cool. :blush:

Thanks for all the ideas! I’ve looked them up and haven’t quite found it yet!

Are you certain you weren’t in Indiana, by chance? I know it’s a leap, but you perfectly described SQUIRE BOONE CAVERNS. You go down from issue the main building & exit thru a staircase that led to a gift shop in a regular house looking building. We visited several caverns in the late 70s & that one with the “house” as part of the tour stuck with me.