Carpinteria Valley Museum

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Outside the museum is California Historic Landmark No. 535 - La Carpinteria. Inscription: The Chumash Indian Village of “Mishopshnow,” discovered by Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo, August 14, 1542, was located one-fourth mile southwest of here. Fray Juan Crespi of the Gaspar de Portola expedition named it “San Roque,” August 17, 1769. Portola’s soldiers, observing the Indians building wooden canoes, called the village, “La Carpinteria” — The Carpenter Shop.

Note: This is one of two identical monuments at two different locations in town. They were originally located on Highway 101 near Casitas Pass Road, with one on the northbound side and one on the southbound side. One-fourth mile southwest of there is the Portolá Sycamore, the location of The Carpenter Shop.