Casa Bonita

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10/06/2019 - Confession: I had never been to Casa Bonita until this date. It is not that I never had any shortage of offers when living in or visiting Colorado, but I always lied and said I had been there. Nothing about it sounded like my scene. Well, a friend of mine recently had to put down her dog, and Casa Bonita is a favorite of hers, so I offered that we should go. I can now say in all honesty that I have been to Casa Bonita, and I will soon experience the gastrointestinal evacuation of Biblical proportions to prove it. (This particular memorabilia I will NOT be saving.)

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Terrible food (except the sopapillas which are excellent), famous for making people sick, but I would still recommend this place to any Colorado visitor. For those who live here, it’s basically a rite of passage. Just wacky, and a lot of fun, especially for kids. You’ll want to be able to say you’ve been there. Just fill up on sopapillas instead of dinner and you’re golden.

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I’d only heard about this restaurant from the South Park episode about it. I had no idea it was real until I saw this article! NOW I MUST GO!!!