Castilla-La Mancha Park 3D-Printed Bridge

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It’s not the 1st. I think that this should be addressed.

Hey again @CoolCrab, I’m sorry if there’s some confusion, but the language has already been updated to reflect that it was not the first, but among the first to be built.

Cool! I get the mistake, the people who made it seem to think that it is the first. (As seen on the sign.) I added a short line on the Dutch one, maybe one can say that they are mistaken.

Also I edited the subtitle, as it said worlds first.

It’s also not the words first pedestrian bridge.
There is one in China that is older (by a few days) and a Dutch one that is metal and for pedestrians. You can get a record of you specify far enough, but maybe it’s better to sell it as an awesome piece of technology that is not necessarily unique but still interesting to list. (Especially if there are different ones in different countries (Like you guys do with paternoster elevators or magic hills))