Castle of Light

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This library was fantastic. We spent four days in Riga, but it may have been worth the whole trip if we’d just gone here.

There is an interactive exhibit on the first floor that goes through the history of books, and it is immersive - feel this binding and parchment, smell these jars that are connected to the bookmaking process, turn the pages of this book to have a projector place you in the book’s setting. Our daughter was enchanted.

The glass “flame” at the top was open the Saturday we went, though the sign in the elevator indicated it was open Sundays. So maybe this is changing. But the library will also allow you to go up with an advance reservation, per the sign. (This may or may not involve a fee, we didn’t pursue it.)

The design of this building is magnificent. Highly recommended to any book lover or fan of modern design. And the view of Riga from the top is also worth the visit.

(If you want to go to the top, jackets and bags must be checked on the ground floor. Lockers and coat check are available. Cameras are allowed up top. If you need to take more than one thing with you, the library also can loan you a clear vinyl tote bag.)


You had me at “smell these jars”.

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