Central State Hospital

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Taking a vacation in Georgia, this had to be a stop for me. Indeed, this place can be quite an experience. It is indeed, errie, creepy, sad and historic. Yes! Don’t even try to get near a building, the security swarm like flies. Its kind of funny! They sit and watch you and often hide in places to watch. I saw two hiding within the peach grove! Driving around doesn’t seem to bother them, but you can bet they are watching. Funny seeing other folks exploring. The same cars keep passing by you. The closed buildings are as creepy and horrifying as stated. Knowing what happened here makes one think. These buildings would indeed be great to explore, but you can’t and it is dangerous! I got pictures, but also trying to avoid security cars. The security cars are gray with colored design. Not looking like your typical security vehicle. Definately stopped at Cedar Cemetery and saw the unknown graves. This cemetery does make you think alot! The numbered markers are haunting. Next to the cemetery is the old jail buildings as well as the newer mens facility. Pretty creepy indeed! The old jail buildings with barbed wire and razor wire are overgrown with vegetation. Back to the cemetery, walking down the path, graves are around, but most are broken up and missing. What is humbling is to see some of the patient markers in their original position. This is a big cemetery if you think of all the graves. This is indeed a place for those seeking haunted places. But dignity and respect should be utilized here. There is a little sit down area that seems to have older men sitting and smoking. Perhaps men from the Veterans building. But it was kind of creepy seeing these guys roaming around. They maybe over seeing to make sure everything is respectful here? Then you wonder, are they coming from the mens jail? They did come from that building. Note, these guys were up in age. Could they have been former hospital patients? As a longtime funeral service provider, I set out around the fringes of the cemetery to find still hidden graves. I know many are still hidden in the wooded areas. The re-placed markers of the unknown patient graves is sobering. Visiting this cemetery gave me haunting thoughts about those buried here. Knowing the way the hospital was non caring. Or is it human kind? Riding around the campus is sobering and errie. But this is something one should experience so that this kind of thing never happens again. Thank goodness Mental Health treatments and human today.

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