Chateau de Mores

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The Marquis de Mores, landed in the wild west town of Little Missouri just a couple months before another 24 year old also got off the train here – Theodore Roosevelt. The two had a hot and cold relationship but generally quite favorable as they both started a ranching empire a few miles from each other. There were no property deeds or titles in 1883, so they settled property disputes like gentlemen. They often visited back and forth – at least during the summer when the Marquis was in town. The home was their summer cabin.

The building is authentic through and through, including the wallpaper, the china, the furniture and the piano.

Today, the town of Medora, the county seat of Billings County ND, is named after the Marquis’ wife, and hosts visitors who can go north or south on the west edge of town – south to the Chateau or north to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park – all within walking distance of each other and the quaint ranching town of Medora.


The site is actually open year-round! You can enjoy the Interpretive Center at half-price during the winter months, and are welcome to explore the site at your own pace - including the ruins of the Marquis’ abattoir across the river. SHSND - Chateau de Mores State Historical Site

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I love this area. I think it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.
The house is very interesting and worth touring. Fascinating people came together in this remote home.