Cheese Zombies

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05/17/19 - I dropped in on 3 of the 4 establishments listed on the site that serve these; each one only serves them one day a week – and on a weekday at that (I did not stop at the brewery because their site says the zombies are only available one day a week).

So, do not be an idiot like me and drive all over; be sure to call ahead to see if they are offered on the day you intend to visit. (Also for what it is worth, each establishment said they tend to go VERY fast when sold.)

It is a bummer; these sound like exactly my game, and it would have made a delicious apres-hike treat.

We must have inherited one of the cooks. We had these in the late 70s in Milwaukie, Oregon at Lot Whitcomb Elementary. My favorite lunch.

Is pretty close. We independently started making these at a preschool i worked at in Boulder, CO during the 1980s Government Cheese give aways. Yum.

Frugal hausfra has a recipe, but the forum wont let me post a link

Oh, sorry, the white box above is clickable. I’ll also put the link here: Original Cheese Zombie Sandwiches - Frugal Hausfrau

Thanks for sharing the link to the recipe!