Chernobyl a popular place

What does the thought of visiting a place with a dark past feel like? Is it like reliving the monster that is the nuclear catastrophe? Or walking in the valley of death? Well, some people may feel that way. But for those with a curious eye, the temptation to see the ruins that speak of the nuclear accident is too sweet to resist. Plus, the level of radioactivity in the exclusion zone continues to decrease making Chernobyl safe as a tourist attraction site. The following are 3 factors that have made Chernobyl a popular place to tour:

  1. Pripyat town

Pripyat is one of the areas that was mapped as part of the nuclear exclusion zone after the radioactive release. It was the one town that encountered the harshest impact of the radioactive dust. This forced the people living here to be quickly evacuated. There was no time for the people to carry all their stuff which is evident from the many personal items that welcome you everywhere in this town. You will not miss seeing an abandoned baby crib, remains of furniture and other items. Up to now, Pripyat is devoid of mortality. It is a place which upon visiting brings to light the real impact of the nuclear disaster. It allows you some time to reflect on the happenings of that fateful day. And in some way visualize the suffering and pain that the people of this town experienced as they watched helplessly the nuclear catastrophe drain the life out of them.

  1. The natural scenery in the areas around the exclusion zone

Nature evokes feelings of calmness and peace. Since most towns near the exclusion zone are empty and deserted, nature has made them its home. Pripyat and Chernobyl villages have a feel of a special form of tranquility which you cannot find in any other place. The bushes that are now the representations of Pripyat and Chernobyl provide a natural scenery that is captivating and mind arousing. If you are looking for a place to tour that helps you connect with nature one on one, plan a trip to Chernobyl
3. Wildlife

The nuclear explosion may have robbed Chernobyl of mortality, but not animal life. The wildlife here is not just any ordinary wildlife you in most places. The animals have put on a brave fight since their health was exposed to high levels of radioactive particles. Although the nuclear explosion affected most of these animals and some died or became extinct as a result, there are several animals that have managed to thrive near the nuclear exclusion zone. During your tour, you are likely to spot a wild dog and other types of animals.

What’s Chernobyl today like? The sure way to find out is to visit Chernobyl. Chernobyl may sound or appear depressingly empty, but its richness is in what it has to showcase. There is a lot to explore in the exclusion zone, St Elijah’s church, Pripyat town and other places which were the victims of the nuclear explosion. Plus, the rise of dark tourism has today made Chernobyl a hive of tourist activities.

3 Reasons why trips to Chernobyl are so popular

Some things are just unbelievable. Unthinkable even. Is there a more improbable tourist destination
than Chernobyl in Ukraine? Maybe not. Chernobyl is a city that experienced one of the most unsettling episodes the world has ever seen. If you can travel back through the sands of time, and if you are old enough, you will recall the notorious nuclear incident that struck Chernobyl. Three decades have now elapsed since the nuclear incident. It is amazing how Chernobyl is now on tour journals and magazines as a tourist destination. This was a dream during the nuclear catastrophe. How about now? It is a reality. Chernobyl has become a place that people from different continents are curious to visit. What are some of the reasons why trips to Chernobyl are so popular?

  1. It is a chance to appreciate Chernobyl and the Ukrainian past

A famous Ukrainian phenomenon is Chernobyl. The source of Chernobyl’s fame is the nuclear accident which occurred many years back. This accident altered the history of Ukraine forever. Trips to Chernobyl allow you to understand its past more so with respect to the nuclear meltdown. It is a chance to understand how history and nature relate and function. There are also many cultural and technical monuments in different parts of Chernobyl and the exclusion zone which present the history of this place. The monuments are now engulfed and surrounded by flourishing nature. Isn’t a great opportunity to travel back in time to the Ukrainian past? If you are a tourist who has a huge appetite for matters culture or history or have curious personality, a trip to Chernobyl city will be very satisfactory. It is a fitting trip to learn more not only about the exclusion zone but also Ukraine in general.

  1. Explore Chernobyl power plant

Once you enter the exclusion zone, the site of reactor No. 4 is very evident. It is where the nuclear meltdown started and lasted for several days. It is a permanent reminder of what transpired, and the lives lost as firefighters tried their best to contain the meltdown. You will also see a cooling water pond which is now a stranger of its former self.

  1. A tour of Pripyat town

On the global scene, Pripyat town is the most renowned town in Ukraine. It is a special part of the
exclusion zone. Popularly branded as the ghost town, Pripyat is about 2 kilometers away from the nuclear power plant. Once a town that was the epitome of the human race, it is presently deserted. It is now under the mercy of nature whose forces have taken control over it. As you tour this town, you will walk past glass debris and apartment blocks immersed in overgrown bushes. The town also
showcases the history of former USSR to visitors. There are still traces of communist artifacts and Soviet propaganda that hang on old walls.

Are you looking for unforgettable experience? That is exactly what trips to Chernobyl will offer
you. The trips are safe as the routes offered to the exclusion zone and other sites are safe.