Cheyenne Mountain Nuclear Bunker

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I was in the Air Force, serving as Missile Combat Crew in the Titan IIC ICBM system.
Cheyenne Mountain WAS the command center during my tour of duty. 1975-1980

I remember seeing some declassified things when it was being constructed.
The “entrance tunnel” does NOT go “straight into the mountain” but makes a curve, I think even as much as 90° to dissipate any blast shock.
I seem to remember that contrary to this story, a small Nuke was moved down the tunnel in the beginning, detonated to create that “Large Cavern” which was then the usable work space for the later installation.
The control center of the Titan IIC missile system was also suspended on giant spring, but not to protect from earthquakes, but from the Shock of any nearby Nuclear Detonations.

As were the platforms in the ‘equipment area’ of the missile silo itself

This article is rife with grammatical errors.