Chichen Itza Chirp

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I visited here and was able to hear the Chichen Itza chirp!!! It was such a surreal experience because our entire tour group (30+ people) clapped at the same time and the sound was so prominent! Doing this really helped enhance the mysticism of the ruins! Chichen Itza itself feels so magical-- it was absolutely incredible to see such a monumental, historic site this well preserved. This will be an experience I will always remember!! I highly recommend taking the tour and clapping!

P.s. I am an ecologist, so reading about the endangered Quetzal, makes this even more meaningful to me.

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Wow this is great and thanks for sharing. I could only imagine how great that was to experience.

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Of course! I wanted to confirm this wonder is real and urge people to visit/learn more about Mayan culture! It’s fascinating. Thanks for posting about it on Atlas Obscura :heart:

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I have encountered some version of the “chirp” in nearly all of Mexico’s large-scale archaeological sites I’ve been to.

From Monte Albán to Palenque, Tula and Xochicalco. I reckon Chichén’s and Teotihuacán’s are the clearest-sounding ones, though. It does make me think how likely is the intentionality in all of them, and how many cases might be coincidence or self-suggestion.