Chicken Barb

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I have searched high and low for a recipe for Chicken Barb Sandwich and no luck. I think it might be a Merrimack Valley conspiracy! :slight_smile: Is anyone willing to share it? I love really regional cuisine because it so ties in with the history of the area.

I found one reference at this page: ‘Here’s a little history … chicken barbs were “developed” in Lawrence, Massachusetts. If you get it from a restaurant/diner the chicken is cooked in a pressure cooker which was cooked in a seasoned water. The sandwich is constructed on a bun and has lettuce, mayonnaise, shredded chicken and lettuce leaves on it. When I make these at home I boil my chicken (which I’ve seasoned with poultry seasoning) and boiled off in a covered pot with chicken stock. Since I make them at home I tailor them to my liking – by adding some tomato to it and seasoning it with a little extra black pepper and a dash of salt.’

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So we get an article about this great sandwich but no info on how to make it?

Apparently Norm’s White Horse in Methuen MA closed either late last year (2020) or early this year (2021). Now to look for somewhere else in the Merimack Valley making this local classic.