Chicken Sashimi

Every time I visit Osaka I head out for a plate of chicken sashimi at Rokkakkei Namba.

I mention this to people who think I’m crazy. I’m wondering is it really that odd?

It’s “odd” or scary enough to this American that I had to look up there menu offerings to see what they think they are doing or if this was a real thing.

Same here.
The one time I visited Tokio, had excellent chicken sashimi in Midtown Tokio. Cannot remember the name (something like Japanese for Bird), an anomynious door, no sign of a restaurant whatsoever, my colleagues guiding me and selecting awesome chicken variants.
Whenever I tell this story, people look at me, amazed that I’m still alive.

On my last trip to Tokyo I was treated to multiple plates of chicken sashimi (with avocado!) by old Japanese friends. Though I grew up there, I’d never heard of this dish until recently. It left me cold, but I suffered no ill effects