Chicken Sashimi

Every time I visit Osaka I head out for a plate of chicken sashimi at Rokkakkei Namba.

I mention this to people who think I’m crazy. I’m wondering is it really that odd?

It’s “odd” or scary enough to this American that I had to look up there menu offerings to see what they think they are doing or if this was a real thing.

Same here.
The one time I visited Tokio, had excellent chicken sashimi in Midtown Tokio. Cannot remember the name (something like Japanese for Bird), an anomynious door, no sign of a restaurant whatsoever, my colleagues guiding me and selecting awesome chicken variants.
Whenever I tell this story, people look at me, amazed that I’m still alive.

On my last trip to Tokyo I was treated to multiple plates of chicken sashimi (with avocado!) by old Japanese friends. Though I grew up there, I’d never heard of this dish until recently. It left me cold, but I suffered no ill effects

If you’ll like to try chicken sashimi, I recommend Hokkaido Shintokucho Tsukada Farm in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Tsukada Farms is a chain of restaurants where each restaurant features regional ingredients from all over Japan. This particular restaurant features Hokkaido variations of Japanese bar snack dishes.

They source heritage chicken species and this particular dish is paired with plenty of spring onions, some acidity, and sharp cheese. This combo helped to cut through the then oddity of chicken sashimi for me, and let me taste the unique flavor of raw chicken without getting too scared.

I did order a few milk shōchū (yes Hokkaido special) afterwards to help combat any lingering doubts, and I felt completely fine after eating this.

Ohhhh no, I was in Shibuya two days ago. Thanks so much for the tip, I’ll need to check it out next time.