Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

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It’s a very tiny place but the line is long, so make sure you know what favor you want when you get to the counter. They also offer taste samples. Cash only


I want to say that a few years ago they also had durian flavoured ice cream. I wonder if they still have it! You could theoretically check off a Gastro food AND a place entry!

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I stopped in here June 2019. They still had durian flavor, plus a handful of other good ones. Also still cash only.
Try the durian, buy the ginger!

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I am adding on to this entry now because they just opened another store in Flushing — I don’t know if there are any new flavours because I didn’t stop in, but good to know they’re branching out!

Def want to try the ginger, thanks for the heads up! Avoiding the durian at all costs lol

Why avoid the durian? Just curious. Thanks!