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I’m from S.C. and personally do not eat chitlins, but one of the festivals that people look forward to in my neck of the woods is the Chitlin Strut. It’s usually in the fall around Thanksgiving.


I’ve only had chitlins’ a couple of times – the second time was pretty bad – but one of my favorite stories about them is here –An old Bear Bryant story. It don't cost nothing to be nice. |

Food is part of a cultural identity, and it serves as a monument for others to share what happened and the warmth of safety. Read more: Weclikd

Thank for awesome data and nice foods.

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It should be noted that the intestines from swine, were also used as casing for sausages, knockwürst and in the US, hot dogs. It was also the material used as a male prophylaxis.

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This article is incorrect- most western Africans are Muslim and don’t eat pig. Especially the ones that came from the slave trade. Let’s also note that not every Black American is western African. Some are from different countries and many are actually Native American. Please don’t publish false truths that reflect the black slaves enjoyed eating chitlins. Thanks!

Never ate chitlins and don’t plan to ever eat them; however, the history behind the meal is quite interesting. Thank you for sharing.