Church Hill Tunnel

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At the other end of the tunnel than the one pictured you can go about 300 feet back however it is flooded and extremely deep so you need to use a kayak or a raft to go back into it. I am probably one of the few people who has been to the back and seen the wall. Probably even fewer people have seen into the tunnel the wall and the tunnel has begun to collapse and you can see through. It is a terrifying experience to be in the back alone and look into the darkness however if you have the equipment and courage I highly recommend it. If you wish to see what me and my friends saw the times we went back there the video of the day is floating around youtube if you google the church hill train tunnel you will likely find it.

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Thanks 4 the Information. This is what I like-History.

Hello. Just found and joined the site.

I walked into the tunnel and touched the wall back when it was still dry enough. I also went down there a couple of years ago. The echo of your own voice sounds like someone else is talking near the tunnel. I am fascinated by it, and would love to chat with others.