Clear Toy Candy

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As a child growing up with a German heritage in Philly we always were treated to barley sugar toys at Christmas or as we called it weinachtszeit. There was also a variety of these that had a lollipop stick.

My tanta Emilie would give each of us children 2 or 3 of these fantastic little gems. We would play with them and over several days suck these candies into sweet oblivion. They have a unique taste all tasting the same. No matter what the color it was a barley taste and no no green lime of red cherry flavors.

I can’t wait to get a bag of these sweet memories.
Does anyone have an original barley sugar recipe? And where do you find the barley sugar?

I don’t know about barley sugar, but barley water was used to keep the candy very clear.

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I’m from York, Pa and we would get clear toys, sometimes with a stick, but more often without, in our stockings every Christmas. They used to be sold everywhere before the holiday and were easy to come by. I remember buying them at McCrory’s a local 5 and 10 store. My grandparents put clear toys, oranges and walnuts in our stockings every year. This was in the late 60’s through the early 80’s.
My family has lived in York since the mid 1700’s and its a very traditional treat.

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