Cleo's Ferry Museum and Nature Trail

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I am one of Cloes 11 grandchildrenand to the normal person this ranch seems strange but to us its just grandmas place on the river. A horder with money and good taste is called a collector and she loved to collect things and this ranch shows her love for many things. What you cant see is Cleo had a huge heart and enjoyed helping others and donating large sums of money to local charities and chruches and helped me stay out of a hole in the Las Vegas desert. She was kind and cared about everyone in her family and was very smart with her money and nade sure her Ranch on the river will be around for many generations.


Oh wow @gregorkth7. This is so lovely. Do you have any pictures of Cleo at the ranch you’d be willing to share? I’d love to see them!

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10/30/2020 - Cleo’s is really only for those who have an affinity for tacky religious kitsch. (Whether out of sincerity or for the sake of irony, it is not my place to judge.). On my part, the trite, vapid, inane platitudes dripping with Hallmark-influenced Christianity alongside the owner’s Trump flags made me want to vomit. My visit was thus very brief.