Clifton's Gates of Hell

Has anyone been here recently? I was thinking it might make for a perfect Halloween weekend field trip, but want to make sure the directions about how to access are still up to date!

The directions are accurate but almost all involve crossing the train tracks. The place is relatively unchanged since the legends began decades ago except the graffiti. You can also park at the train station near Paulison Ave in Clifton and cross the tracks to the woods across from the station. At this point you can walk left in the woods after descending a steep hill and you will find a concrete depression about 15 feet deep with a ladder or alternatively a ledge with rocks piled under it you can jump down. This is the site of the 4 tunnels, 2 in the bigger area and 2 in the smaller. Both are connected by a short tunnel. The tunnel with the legends surrounding it is the square shaped one with no running water. It stands out amongst the rest. Inside after walking straight you have 2 options, go left up a ledge which leads back outside to one of the circular tunnels or turn right. The path to the right brings you to another crossroads, the left turn takes you up a ledge into a dry area ending at a small square hole that only one person can fit through. This hole leads to a new tunnel and going left will take you back out another tunnel near the entrance and going right will take you down a very long trip I have never completed although there is an occasionally open manhole to climb out of that is in the woods behind 711 on Clifton ave, you can open it yourself but it is very heavy and I almost broke the ladder steps carrying it up on my back. Now going way back to the first crossroads you can continue straight after which it becomes a complete maze with many awesome areas to explore, one of which me and my friends have found leads to an exit all the way near allwood road.

Additionally you can avoid crossing the tracks if that bothers you by going under a bridge next to the train station and going up stairs that take you directly to the forested side of the train station or you can climb up the railroad bridge right before the CliftonAve/Paulison intersection and walk alongside the tracks on the side closest to Paulison towards the train station and climb down a steep rocky area that leads directly to the Gates of Hell. In case you didnt make it last year it will definitely be worth it and you will definitely find it if my instructions weren’t clear enough. It is an active area and many local people(me/6 years now) and others visit it regularly. It occasionally attracts Police attention due to safety concerns and maybe vandalism, while it is considered trespassing the local Police are known to rarely come near the actual gates and if they do because of a tipoff they almost never cause a problem and simply ask you to leave if unarmed. There were several issues with scared kids bringing weapons(not guns) for protection assuming the legends are true or that there may be bad people there but this has never been an issue for me in over 6 years.