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Does anyone have a good recipe for this?

Oh yeah! Colcannon is actually so easy to make (it’s essentially mashed potatoes with kale and green onions and it’s SO good). When I did make it, though, I definitely had to add a lot more salt and milk than I thought I’d had to, so just really trust your gut on this one. (I guess I could also have used salted butter but oh well.)

The recipe is essentially cook the potatoes, drain, chop the kale, cook the kale/green onions in butter, pour in some milk/cream, add potatoes, mash with greens, salt to taste and add some butter to eat the dish with. Simple. If you’d like more details this is the recipe I used.

Our entry also notes that you can put things like thimbles and coins into the potatoes, and I mean, you could but I just swapped that out for a bowl with written fortunes in it. Much cleaner. Saves me the trouble of finding several rings and coins.


As someone who had the Colcannon Sam made, I can confirm that this recipe tastes good!


aw thanks, Kerry! <3

Instead of Kale, we’ve always used green cabbage in our Colcannon, along with the potatoes and green onions. Love this.


We’ve always made our colcannon with leeks and green cabbage. SOOOOO delicious, especially when you remember to put the well of butter in the center!


Totally, @nkrempa and @amazinc! I just used kale because I was on a real kale kick at the time. But these other vegetables work, too!