Completely unprepared for our upcoming trip to Bergen

Heading to Bergen in a couple of weeks - any recommendations on things and places we shouldn’t miss there or anyplace in Norway we can reasonably get to by car or train would be most appreciated.


Hello! My three recommendations:

  1. Enjoy the seafood.
  2. You’ll enjoy a great view if you take the funicular up the hill, and walk back down.
  3. The art museum is wonderful, especially if you like Munch, and is housed in a pretty great building:

(Photo from: KODE – Art museums and Composer Homes -

My main recommendation, though is something I missed. I’d love for someone to visit this place and tell me how it was:


Loved Bergen! What a beautiful city. I would check out the ice bar, a really different and fun experience! I took my friend there for her birthday (she always says she likes experiences, not things) and she loved it!


Bergen is a great city to visit. Just be warned than it rains 300 days a year in Bergen; take rain gear!
Suggested activities:

  1. Walk through the Bryggen area. Shops, small museums, ancient buildings.
  2. Take the funicular up Mount Floyen. There are hiking trails that start at the top, a nice restaurant, and you can walk down through picturesque residential areas. Best in clear weather as the top may be in the clouds if it is rainy.
  3. Have lunch in the famous Fish Market in the port area. Don’t let them try to sell you whale meat though!
  4. If you are a classical music lover, take the city bus out to Troldhaugen, Edvard Grieg’s home. Check on-line to see if there are any concerts being given in the beautiful performance space there.
  5. Visit the museums and forts along the shoreline. There is a pass you can purchase at any of these museums that get you into all of the museums for one price (saving a bit of money). The ones I would recommend include the Hanseatic Museum, Rosenkrantz Tower, Haakon’s Hall, and Bryggens Museum. I did all of these on the day that it poured rain.

What are you doing in Bergen? Getting on a cruise ship? If you want to go to other places in Norway, the 6 hour train trip from Bergen to Oslo is beautiful. You can also include a side trip to Flam on that route, or just do a “Norway in a Nutshell” trip on your own (Train from Bergen to Myrdal, board the Flam train, fjord boat trip from Flam to Gudvangen, then a bus to Voss where you get back on the train to return to Bergen. You can also buy a package tour for this. If you will be taking any train trips on your own, buy tickets ASAP, as there is a significant discount if you buy them ahead of time.

If you will be in Norway on May 17, that is the Norwegian National Day. Lots of businesses will be closed, and there will be parades in every town and village with people often wearing their native costumes. The biggest parade is in Oslo and passes the Royal Palace.


Thanks, everyone! This is great information. Our schedule is completely open, so I will plan to do as much of this as possible. We’ll probably rent a car and poke around along the coast as well. Thanks again!

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We just returned from Norway. Unfortunately the Hanseatic museum is undergoing a very long renovation, as well as the Bryggen museum. Luckily, all the other attractions are still there. Take your time and walk if you can. If you land in Oslo, take the train to Bergen.