Congressional Cemetery

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Great place to visit for Obscura. This is one of Washington’s biggest cemetery. This cemetery was in trouble for awhile as up keep and perpetual care washard to find. Restoring the cemetery has been happening and lawn care is pretty regular now. Many of the graves were covered with bushes and long grass. Broken stones and vandelized crypts. And many decaying graves and crypts were abound. The cemetery allows its local city residents to walk there pets through the cemetery to help keep the cemetery nice. There is a pride now in keeping this cemetery nice. Some of the crypts still have some restoration needed. A few are broken down and need care. For the most part, the cemetery is now well maintained. Many famous people in Qashington are buried here. John Phillip Sousa has a large grave site! The March King Himself! J. edgar Hoover is buried here! And many figures in Government. Of course all cemeteries have ghosts and legends of ghosts! A must see for ghost hunters! Look for the caved in Crypts exposing some grave chambers. Spooky stuff! Congressional cemetery is an active cemetery. As a veteran of funeral service, I have never buried anyone here. Arlington Cemetery I have, but not here. This is a must see cemetery for obscura and just cemetery fans. Watchout for the spirits and use proper despect for all who are buried here!

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