Contributor rewards/ranks


I am a pretty active AO user and I think that its great to see the site grow and evolve into more and more of a community. The Forums really helped with getting in touch with staff and users and the leaderboards help point out contributors, but I still believe that the users of the site could use more attention, especially ones that add/edit a lot of places or travel a lot. As most leaderboards seem to be country/city centered, while people can do a lot in different places.
It would be great to see some more of that here.

In many old forums this was done by giving users ranks. Some kind of title or icon next to their name. Perhaps something like that could be done here too? Or maybe a colored ring or some kind of tick around someone’s icon?

Maybe there could also be some kind of extra leaderboards. Not just monthly additions, but also totals. Who are the top 10 AO contributors of all time. Who edits the most. Who are the biggest travellers? Etc.

The leaderboards on user profiles seem to be extremely biased towards visiting places. I have a bunch of 2md and 3rd most visited in [city] ranks, but my nr1 most additions to Stockholm rank is not displayed for example. (Which I am more proud of than ‘4th places visited in Gottingen’ for example)

Finally maybe some kind of gift can be given to top contributors? Like a T-shirt for 100 places or the book for 200? etc. Maybe give them a shout out on the social media and share a list of their spots. Something like that would be cool IMO.


Hey coolcrab! These are all terrific suggestions, and part of our upcoming phase of Community projects is to improve user profiles, and give them some added functionality. I can’t speak to too many details about them just yet, but many of the ideas you suggested are right in the line with the changes we’re considering. Thanks again for being such an engaged member of the community, and for the great feedback!


Just wanted to bump this. How are those updates going?


Nothing immediately new to share, but they’re still in development. Updating our user profiles is just one of many large improvement projects vying for resources, so while it will be somewhat slow in the coming, we are still working to add further usability and profile options. Thanks again for checking in!