Does anyone know what happened to the coordinates offered on each of the sites? It looks like the formatting has changed some and the coordinates are no longer available.

I could see this as a deterrent to travel and reminding us all to stay home, but…I would really love to map out some future trips to combat this cabin fever.

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Sorry about this, @thirdfuerst. We’re planning to bring back the coordinates soon – hopefully in the next couple weeks. Thanks for letting us know how useful they are!

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Hey thanks for the response. I look forward to it. At this point planning trips is one thing that can keep me sane.


What are the chances you could switch format for the included coordinates from decimal degrees to degrees and decimal minutes for better compatibility with other sites that use Lat/Lon coordinates (like and with Garmin GPS units? Although, I can do the math to make the conversion, it would be nice not to have to. Thanks